Plenty to wine about

Covered a small town election in Riverside Park the other night. The township president earned a little more than 1,500 total votes so we’re not exactly talking big game politics here to say the least. I was assigned to cover BOTH sides of the election and the corresponding parties that were being held to track the results. Thankfully, they were conveniently located within a block of each other.

I guessed on which one I should start at and after an hour of waiting and working, results started to come. It was pretty clear I was in the party of the losing side so I made some images that showed defeat as best I could and hustled to the “victory” party. I found a pretty jubilant crowd there and while I shot plenty of photos of the newly crowned president, I ended up liking this photo the best.

It really doesn’t have much context — although that is an election sign behind the woman pictured — so I knew it wouldn’t make it into the paper I was working for. Still, this is basically what election nights in small towns boil down to. Generally upper class people doing things like sipping wine while quietly congratulating themselves and promising a better tomorrow for everyone. Or, if you’re at the other party, the promises are much more threatening and darker themed.

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