Beer break

Temperatures reached the 90s in Washington D.C. during the weekend, making it an unbelievably nice time to be out and about with my camera. It’s funny, though, that sometimes no matter how hard you look for photographs, the best ones seem to come when you least expect.

After a day of romping around D.C. in search of photos, I sat down to rest my legs with my long time friend Kathy, who now lives in the area. Kathy was my tour guide on a whirlwind day of sightseeing, and by early evening we were both eager to find a place to grab a cold beer.

I snapped the photo on the right of Kathy enjoying a Sam Adams Summer Ale on the rooftop of a Georgetown bar called Ol’ Glory. Pretty cool place and the breeze blowing through reminded me of a summer evening … only in APRIL! How I long for that on a day here in Chicago where it is cold and rainy yet again. I shot the photo on the left five years earlier at Arnold’s in Cincinnati, another favorite watering hole of mine.

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