Fogged down

I drove into a parking garage on the north side of town, went up seven floors and shot some photos of low level clouds and the Hancock Tower peeking out above them this morning. Cost me $6.50. Better than passing it by and risk making the Photo Gods angry. Anyone know what building that is in front of the Hancock? I’m new here.

UPDATE: I’m told by my future father-in-law that the building pictured in front of the Hancock Tower is the Bloomingdales building at 900 N. Michigan Ave. Mystery solved. Thanks Bruce!

4 Responses to “Fogged down”

  1. That’s an awesome shot! You seem to be finding some cool environmental lighting effects lately.

    • Thanks! You and Erica are my only regular visitors, so that’s much appreciated. I think I’m a little fixated on the weather these days because I’m sooooo ready for it to be Summer.

  2. Man, I really like this one. Think I could buy a print?
    I think we must be ahead of you on the warming schedule. It’s been pretty hot here for a while. I’m not complaining, but it definitely feels like summer already.

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