Don’t mess with “Poochie”

There are photos that need no additional information, and there are photos that really could use some explaining. In the case of my photos from Saturday night when I spent a few hours at the Weiner Circle in Lincoln Park, I think only sound could fully convey the scene.

“Poochie” Jackson has worked at the late night hamburger and hot dog joint for 11 years. She’s well known for her sharp tongue and profanity-laced retorts to customers, who actually now come there just to wage battle in a war of shouted words. It can get heated at times, but for the most part it’s like controlled chaos. As nearby bars close, intoxicated and hungry crowds pack the tiny restaurant on Clark St. By 2:30 a.m., when this photo was shot, “Poochie” is pulling no punches and reminds most of her costumers to “#$%!@ leave a tip!”

As the tip jar, wrapped in duct tape on the counter points out, “Don’t be cheap when you the bitch who wants to eat.”

Here’s a very well done piece This American Life put together about the Weiner Circle.

2 Responses to “Don’t mess with “Poochie””

  1. That’s friggin’ awesome! I’m noticing a trend. People in Chicago seem to have a fascination with the inhospitable.

  2. This is fantastic!

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