Ahhhh, the life!

We put an offer on a home today. It got rejected like a nerd on prom night, but that’s okay. The silver lining? On my way home this evening, I managed to find a few photographs after I stopped at a cigar shop in Elmhurst, Ill. I thought I would smoke a celebratory stogie if the offer was accepted and while I was perusing the selection at the shop, I noticed a couple patrons smoking in the cushy, leather chairs placed in the corner. These days, I carry my camera just about anywhere I go.

So while the deal eventually went south, my moment in the smoke house produced a series of photographs I was pleased with. Milo Ibe, a retired factory worker, was my primary target. He was quiet and seemed to 1. not have a problem with me photographing him, and 2. didn’t change a thing because I was.

I loved his suspenders and the sports page under his arm. He was wearing white sneakers too, which at one point were kicked up in front of him. I had to decide between the full frame that included his kicks, and this one, which better shows the sports page. After going back and forth for a few minutes, I selected this one. I’ll probably change my mind tomorrow. Smoke ’em if ya got ’em!

3 Responses to “Ahhhh, the life!”

  1. Great Photo, J. I like how the directional lines created by the blinds lead the viewer right into the guy’s face. Bummer about the house.

  2. Love the photo. Love the story more!
    How does it feel to be a mere 3 weeks from homelessness?

  3. Thanks guys! Gotta a place we can crash at for a few months? Just kidding. Sort of.

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