Beware of the dog

Photographing police scenes, as people like to call them, is nothing rare for me. I’ve probably shot hundreds at this point. Police officers are often wary of photographers, probably for a variety of reasons but it can make for tense moments as both sides try to conduct their jobs. Last week, I found myself at another one, a domestic dispute that brought Chicago Police out to an apartment in Austin. When I arrived, officers seemed a little on edge about me being there but I didn’t think much of it. Turned out they were wary of a large dog that was giving them cause for concern upon their arrival.

I completely missed a much better photo when officers standing in the front yard of the apartment glanced up to see a Pit Bull showing its teeth and barking through a window just above them. It really would have made for a nice photograph if I had reacted quickly instead of staring like a fool. Oh well, I think this one shows the situation pretty clearly. As is the case so often, I can dwell too much on “the one that got away”.

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