Fender bender

Car crashes are not news. Well, let me revise. Car crashes are not news to anyone other than those involved or those stuck in traffic because of one. Otherwise, covering them is a little like covering the clouds in the sky. Too many, too little time.

I can’t tell you how many times I was sent out to photograph car crashes when I worked for The Cincinnati Post. Mostly I enjoyed trying to find my way around the traffic jams but often when I arrived, there really wasn’t much to document except a couple dented automobiles.

Things have been a little slow lately though, so when I drove up to a fender bender near my office in Elmhurst Monday, I told myself ‘what the heck’ and pulled over. Villa Park Police were already investigating the incident involving two cars, one of which lost its bumper during the collision. No one was injured, fortunately. A few minutes after I shot this photo, a tow truck pulled up and towed the cars away. Now back to the news.

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