Fishing for photos

I think my childhood considerably influenced my style of photography. Some of the best memories I have are of fishing with my dad and brother back home. We were rarely successful but the time spent with each other was the real catch. Laughing, talking, untangling my fishing line from a nearby tree. It was all good.

Making my way along the banks of the Des Plaines River in the sleepy, winding-road town of Riverside the other day, I found Angelo Sanchez fishing near the shore. Sanchez hadn’t caught much of anything other than a few tiny blue gill but he seemed perfectly content. A beautiful day with nothing much else to do is satisfaction enough.

I spent about an hour with Sanchez and a few other fishermen on the river. While they fished, I fished in a different fashion, and all was quiet as the sun slipped away.

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  1. Nice!

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