Lights are on … anyone home?

Oak Park River Forest High School has lights at their football stadium. And before you ask, “what’s the big deal?” I should explain, this is a VERY BIG DEAL!!!! Okay, while the rest of mankind caught on to the whole electricity phenomenon, Oak Parkers held steadfast to a longtime tradition of playing their sporting events during the day.

I’d like to think they did it as a way to help us poor photographers, who love to shoot sports in the bright daylight hours, but that obviously isn’t the case. Some residents around the school dreaded the idea of a crowded, loud, and BRIGHT stadium next door to their lovely homes and so a 10-year battle ensued. Can’t say I blame the home owners, but eventually the wishes of others won out.

Thursday was the very first official event under the sparkling new lights, a boy’s soccer game against St. Charles North. At halftime, Rob Euler of River Forest had the honor of flipping the ceremonial switch after a countdown. Euler, whose son is the goalie on the varsity soccer team, won a raffle to earn the right. Cheerleaders and drill teamers went bonkers, and there was my picture … with only one small hiccup. No lights! You can see one of the posts in the background. Not a glimmer in sight. You win some, you lose some. And some days, the lights don’t turn on.

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