Urban air

I had a looooooong day of shooting Saturday, but I couldn’t resist stopping at this parking lot along Washington Blvd. in the west side of Chicago on my way to one of my several assignments. Funny how the only “non-assigned” photo I shot all day turned out to be the best of my day.

I strolled up to Jay Biddle, Calvin Phillips, Sean McGee and Zach Little to ask them if it was okay for me to photograph them playing hoops. Usually in a public setting, I wouldn’t necessarily ask because I hate to disturb the natural moment. However, I could tell right away by the looks I was getting I had to talk to them before anything was going to happen. Fortunately, they were great kids and went right back to playing as soon as I explained who I was and what I was doing.

By the way, do you agree that this photo would be much better if it only had the one boy shooting? In strictly a photographic sense, the three others distract from the image. Only having the shooter would have added the power of this image, but that’s the difference between art and journalism folks. You don’t get to stage your subjects if you’re a journalist, and that’s a good thing.

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