Bare chested bravado

More high school football. I shoot a lot of it these days. Usually, the same two or three schools. Oak Park, Riverside-Brookfield and Fenwick. I get a little restless shooting the same sort of action over and over again. Often, photos of the star quarterback or running back are just about all people seem interested in for some reason.

These knuckleheads amused me a little, though, so I took a respite from shooting a recent game and tried to show their enthusiasm at Riverside-Brookfield’s homecoming game. It was cold, around 40 degrees, and rainy but it didn’t stop them from displaying their best Blue Man Group impersonation.

I have AquaTech rain covers for my cameras, but not for my wide angle lens and camera. So it got soaked, which is never a good thing. Now it is not working too well and I’m pretty sure its days are numbered.

ON A SIDE NOTE: In the “look at me!” society we currently live, I like to avoid shooting photos of fans who come with signs or in costume. They clearly are looking for attention. However, these students appeared to be 100 percent fanatical about their team. In fact, as I reached for my camera for the first time, the two boys didn’t even notice me until students all around them lurched forward for some face time. It ruined a genuine moment. I simply lower my camera in these instances and wait for the reaction to subside. Usually the moment has passed, but in this case, the students eventually forgot about me and went back to cheering for their team.

Television photographers and MTV are to blame for creating and sustaining this trend of waving fingers and screaming directly into a camera. If you’re one of these people who can’t resist waving every time you pass the lens of a camera, you need to get a grip. If you’re one of the photographers who foster this behavior and direct fans to show emotion so you can get “your shot”, you need to get a new career.

One Response to “Bare chested bravado”

  1. Nice shot. Much more interesting than the average on-field action. Hope the lens/camera survive.

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