Washed away

“The harder I work, the luckier I get”. I like to remind myself of this because it really is true. From time to time I get a little down about the photos I am shooting. Photographers, like anyone else, go through slumps spurred by limited inspiration and even flat out bad luck. The only way I have found to get out of these slumps is through hard work. You can’t force good photographs, but a little determination can help a lot.

Essentially, that’s a drawn out way to explain I’m not coming up with too many good shots lately. For multiple reasons probably, including a lack of desire, poorly thought out assignments and simple fate. I always take comfort in knowing I’m probably very close to shooting something I really like. My reasoning? The biggest catches always come after an extended dry streak. At least it feels like the biggest catch.

It’s time to wash away the negative attitudes that can creep in occasionally. After kicking up a bunch of dust from cleaning my garage the other day, I needed to wash my car. In my mindless trance while inching through the rinse cycle, the water on my windshield made me think of the ocean and since I don’t have much else to post to my blog, here you go. (This is the second blog post here shot from my driver’s seat. SEE THE FIRST ONE HERE.) Just passing the time until I find the next big wave.

2 Responses to “Washed away”

  1. Jason, these photos are really terrific. I love your comment how cute Blue is one minute, and eating the garage siding the next!! How well we know! Jessie says, “way to go, Blue!” And, this last ‘washed away’ image is FANTASTIC! What a great artist’s eye you have.
    Sorry I haven’t let you know sooner how excellent your photos are….

    Hef’s assistant

  2. Thanks, Bruce! Blue and Jessie would be one heck of a team I think. šŸ˜‰

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