Life in the O.P.

Living in Oak Park is like a breath of fresh air for me. The neighbors stop by to introduce themselves. Kids play in the streets. Someone waved to me the other day!

After two years in the city, a place where my car was vandalized more often than neighbors said hello, we are now living in this sweet little oasis of a community. It’s not free from problems, but it sure feels like home to me. Halloween brought out what I like to call another “Norman Rockwell moment” as youngsters zipped from house-to-house on our street.

Took me back to my days growing up in Cincinnati, racing up and down cul-de-sacs dressed in a costume I put together at the last second from random items I found stashed in my parents’ attic. Pillowcase in hand, my brother and best friend alongside. Simple things make for some pretty great memories.

We always said “trick-or-treat!” when we got to each door, and I can’t remember ever wearing a store bought costume. For the most part this odd little tradition continues on the same as it always has, and that’s okay by me. Life in the O.P. is pretty good.

One Response to “Life in the O.P.”

  1. I LOVE this picture!!! Matches something wonderful and awe-inspiring that I must have stored away in my psyche from childhood somewhere. I doubt I am alone in that. Can I buy the file for limited use? I would love to enlarge it and frame it for hanging. Not sure where, but I want it hanging in my house.

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