I hate snakes

Snakes, more than anything else in the world, terrify me. I don’t even like hearing about them so when I was assigned to photograph a “Creatures of the Night” event at Garfield Park Conservatory last Saturday, I thought I knew what I was in for. When I arrived however, I found out it was much worse. There were snakes, and big ones like this 45-pound boa constrictor here, all over the place. Nasty!

They also had live tarantulas, millipedes and even a great white wolf (one of the coolest things I’ve seen in awhile) that visitors could touch. It was a pretty neat event all around, but the snakes captured the largest portion of my attention. Mostly because I can’t get over how big of a wuss I am around them! Kids certainly don’t have that problem. Yonni Baruch, 5, of Chicago went face-to-face with the boa constrictor named Scar who appeared indifferent. As Bob from Chicago Herpetological Society, who cares for the snake said, “Snakes don’t like to eat kids. The worst thing they do is curl up with them in bed because they are warm.” Thanks, Bob.

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