‘Dead Bastard’

I photographed a “behind the scenes” look at a Los Angeles film crew’s production of an independent film called ‘Dead Bastard’ last week. They were shooting a few scenes at Waldheim Cemetery in Forest Park, Ill. The film, directed by James Scully and produced by his sister Elizabeth Scully, is about three siblings who are challenged in various ways with the task of dividing their father’s estate.

Several members of the Scully family are actually buried in the Balaban mausoleum at the cemetery just off Des Plaines Ave. The Balaban family was a local fixture in the film and theater industry and owned the Chicago and Balaban Theaters generations ago.

A coffin was used as a main prop in one of the scenes being filmed as actors and crew lugged it around the cemetery. Made for some visually intriguing moments.

It was an interesting process to watch as many, many takes were needed to create a very short scene in the film. The dedication and hard work these productions require is something to be admired and the cast and crew of this film couldn’t have been any nicer to be around. I’m looking forward to seeing their finished product if I ever get the chance. Release of the film is scheduled for Jan. 1, 2010 in Los Angeles.

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  1. […] I was immediately met by people asking who I was. I told them and politely explained that I wanted to make a photograph of them working to put in the paper. I guess you could call it luck, but one member of the crew remembered me from when I photographed another film crew I found working in Forest Park. (You can see my photos from that by clicking here.) […]

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