Fire the Canons!

In the still photojournalism world (just imagine a bunch of nerds and dweebs with over-inflated egos) you are either a Nikon shooter or a Canon shooter. Today, I am both as I made the first phase of my transition from Nikon to Canon.

The camera, a Canon 5D, is temporary but the lens, a 16-35mm f2.8L, is officially my new best friend. I hope to purchase new Canon camera bodies once I grow comfortable with the new system. One at a time, I hope to make the transition to a full Canon shooter within a year from today.

This is one of the first four frames I shot with the new Canon lens and camera. My coworker Johnny Furman, a Web site developer who loves working in the dark, was the unfortunate soul nearest when I first pulled the lens from its box. Aside from being ridiculously talented, Johnny’s also a pretty good sport so he put up with me as I tested it out.

My two Nikon D2Hs, or Nikon Paperweights as I like to call them, always had a difficult time making a frame like this. Either the subject, which is Johnny here, would be underexposed as the camera metered off the light from the window behind him. Or, the subject would be terribly overexposed and grainy as it tried to compensate. Shooting a photo like this on a Nikon D2H required several attempts to find the proper exposure, and that can be very counterproductive to a photojournalist who often doesn’t have the opportunity to “re-shoot” something.

And so it begins. I hope my Canon experiences are as pleasant as I’m anticipating. I’m sure as with anything, there will be drawbacks. However, I can safely say my experience using Nikon cameras has been very frustrating and something I’m eager to leave behind. Fire the Canons, here I come!

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