Make it green again

Cincinnati photojournalist Melvin Grier retired two years ago after three decades as a full-time shooter for The Cincinnati Post. He will always be a great friend and is by far my closest and most influential mentor. Every time it snows, however, I curse him a little. Melvin reminds me on a somewhat regular basis how nice it is to no longer have to shoot “snow features”, a luxury I won’t likely enjoy for many years. (By the way, “features” are what some news people call photographs that run without a corresponding article. “Wild art”, “drop ins” and “stand alones” are other popular terms for this.)

When a snow storm hits, newspaper photographers are expected to cover it like it’s a historic event. Fortunately the editors I currently work with don’t seem to have that extreme of an outlook on this but it’s still necessary to get photos.

Anyway, snow features are just a pain. You have to dress for the occasion, which usually makes you a sweaty mess for the remainder of the day, and keeping your equipment dry and your fingers working well enough to use it is always a chore.

Yesterday, I nearly wrecked my car after I spotted a grounds crew at Riverside Golf Club using leaf blowers to remove snow from the greens. Not because it was something all that out of the ordinary, but rather because the opportunity to get a snow feature in the bag before 10 a.m. was just that appealing to me.

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