Derby delight

Kees Falconer, 7, cheers wildly for his friend during his Boy Scout group’s Pinewood Derby races at Forest Park Community Center. Photographing youngsters can require a balancing act. Sometimes, kids notice you and your cameras and have a hard time forgetting about you. Other times, the action around you is enough to distract them completely. I shot this one while sitting on the floor with the boys as they watched their cars zip past. Brought back memories.

2 Responses to “Derby delight”

  1. I’d rather shoot kids than adults any day of the week. Never met a kid who said, “oh, delete that one, I look awful.” Kids are still largely unselfconscious and willing to let you see who they really are, without pretense.

    • True, David. I don’t mind shooting kids, it’s just difficult at times to get them to the point where they don’t stare at the camera. Same goes for plenty of adults though! I’m sure I’ll see you around town. Take care.

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