A legend and a rookie

There are days when I feel like I’ve regressed as a photographer. It usually happens when I think too much, which is exactly what happened as I photographed blues legend Buddy Guy during a recent performance at a downtown club. I discovered Guy likes to walk off the stage to play his guitar in the crowd during shows. He wound his way through a jammed room, playing among delighted fans who packed in around him to try and get photos of their own. I tried my best to document this, but a couple things were working against me.

1. It was so crowded that getting into position more than once or twice was difficult.
2. There was absolutely no light. I mean dark, dark, dark. I managed to get a few frames of him as I caught the flash strobes from other cameras.

Trying to think ahead, I followed Guy to the front of the club where light from the entrance illuminated him just enough for the frame posted above. Thinking he was headed back to the stage, I cut a corner and positioned myself directly in front of where i assumed he was headed. Pretty smart, I thought at the time. Only problem was, he walked out the front door and began playing outside as snow fell and cars passed by!

I heard this isn’t rare for him to do, but with the combination of the red suit he was wearing and the snowy scene outside, I have to think there was a pretty nice photograph out there. And I was stuck behind a horde of concertgoers with no hope of making my way outside in time. Ugh. Sleeping that evening was an off and on ordeal as I tossed and turned over my “rookie” mistake.

I think most photographers have reoccurring dreams about missing a great photo opportunity. Usually it involves a malfunctioning camera, or no cards in the camera, or no camera at all. All nightmares. Sometimes they come true.

One Response to “A legend and a rookie”

  1. Interesting insight into some of the perils of your job!

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