Oh, no you didn’t!

Covering Chicago politics can be like watching a bad movie. You know it stinks, but you can’t bring yourself to look away for some reason. If you read the news, you know corruption runs deep and change is rarely swift among the political landscape of the third-largest city in the country.

Cook County First District Commissioner is one seat voters will decide on this upcoming election. It pits incumbent Earlean Collins against challengers Chris Harris, Derrick Smith and Adekunle “Ade” Onayemi, who recently organized a rally outside Collins’ offices in Austin. That didn’t make Collins and her supporters too happy, who confronted participants at the front door of their headquarters.

A few of Collin’s volunteers and supporters, Ivy Carter, middle, Wyanetta Johnson and Cornelius Bussel, point and yell back as Onayemi supporters argue with them. (Collins was not present at this time but later came to defend herself, and I should also point out that Onayemi didn’t take part in the verbal confrontation either.)

I had to laugh a little. As the two sides argued, residents walked past as if nothing was going on. The only folks who cared were the handful involved. Maybe everyone else has heard it all before.

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