Fresh market

Spent a portion of the morning at Caputo’s Market in Elmwood Park where they operated out of their long-time location for the final day before moving to a new and much larger location just down the street. Caputo’s is a favorite among Western Suburbs residents, who flock to the market for fresh produce and what some shoppers say are the best deals in town.

Why is it that fruit and vegetable stands are so appealing to photograph? Maybe it’s all the shapes, lines and vibrant colors. I think part of it is markets remind me of a certain pureness in a “the way things used to be” sort of way. Folks have been coming to markets to pick out oranges, apples, tomatoes and cucumbers for centuries. It remains this way and just as fast as customers picked, squeezed and bagged the goods, workers were hard at work replacing and reorganizing them.

A cup of coffee to anyone who can name the green fruit pictured. Oh, and Caputo’s Market will open at its new location on Harlem tomorrow, Tuesday, February 16.

2 Responses to “Fresh market”

  1. Ding ding ding! A fresh cup of coffee next time I see you. Congratulations, and try not to get too excited.

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