Come to the light

Any aspiring photojournalists out there can be set free by this simple phrase: “Don’t fight light”.

I heard that bit of advice more than 10 years ago and I remind myself of it often. I have a flash, but rarely use it. It’s not my style and frankly I can’t figure out how to use the damn thing to produce consistent results. I use it for some freelance projects where the client wants something very specific. That’s about it really.

Last Saturday, while completing one of the all-time longest days in photojournalism history I was shooting an assignment of a family skate night at a park in Riverside. Residents brought in small lights and lit up a man-made ice rink for youngsters to race around on. The light reached out only about 10 feet or so. Instead of fighting it, or using a flash, I simply stood directly next to a light and waited for skaters to come into “the zone”.

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