Chicken Xing

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because the economy stinks and he needed a damn job. That’s pretty much how Mike Drew put it as he sweated a few pounds off under the chicken getup he was wearing. Drew dances his way up and down Madison Ave. in Oak Park, attempting to entice passing motorists to stop in at Ms. Lucille’s Soul Food Kitchen restaurant. A job is a job.

4 Responses to “Chicken Xing”

  1. Geil, I’ve got one for you. Every year between now and tax time, they have poor saps dressed up like the Statue of Liberty regularly at the Austin El stop. I saw the first one yesterday. Seeing a twenty-something African-American guy in a green gown with a torch shilling tax prep work is quite a sight. I always want to commiserate with them, but figure the respectful thing to do is walk quickly by like there’s nothing irregular going on. They know I’m not going to Liberty Tax.

  2. David,
    Oh, I’ve seen them. There’s one right outside one of my offices in Elmhurst. I’ve photographed that poor sap a couple times in fact. Scott Strazzante at The Trib (who uses the same blog theme by the way and has for a much longer time than me) has starting shooting portraits of these characters. I had the same idea nearly three years ago. Only difference is he actually did it!

  3. I bet Strazzante never got a chicken advertising Chitterlings.

  4. Jason- We have the LIberty tax guys in Cinti as well. some are quite creative, dancing around to their own little song, waving, and jumping up and down. Sometimes I am stuck in traffic right on Beechmont Ave right next to one of them and I am almost embarrassed to look at his little production going on right next to my car. Certainly a job I wouldn’t want even in a recession- but maybe I’ve never been hungry enough.

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