Spring ahead

Now that Spring has sprung and we can see the light at the end of the Winter tunnel (maybe that explains that bright thing in the sky recently), ritual in Chicago includes the annual St. Patrick’s celebrations. ‘Round here, they get started pretty early on the festivities, but who can blame them? Most of us haven’t seen our lawns since Thanksgiving. We’re chomping at the bit to have a little fun.

Thousands packed Madison Ave. in Forest Park Saturday, March 6, officially holding the earliest St. Patrick’s parade in the history of man. The weather was gorgeous. I was just relieved to be shooting outside without being bundled up in my North Face coat for once. The pack of youngsters above were equally thrilled for the chance at snagging free candy and other useless items they can’t live without.

ON A SIDE NOTE: There is absolutely nothing more annoying than photographing even remotely in the vicinity of drunk people. Memo to the over-served fella with his hat on backwards and a tight t-shirt with a clever saying printed on it: If I wanted a photograph of you, which I don’t, I would just take it.

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