San Franchicago

By jgeil

March 9, 2010

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Category: Nature


After my assignment at a jazz club last night, I walked around downtown for awhile looking for photographs. It had been cloudy overhead all day but as evening arrived, thick fog moved in creating almost a movie set type atmosphere. Mixed with the sounds of the city, it was beautiful.

6 Responses to “San Franchicago”

  1. Nice, J-Geil. Very nice. I can almost hear the sax when I look at this. Would love a nice print of this one. What’s you fee?

  2. Very awesome photo. I dig the hazy glow and the lines/shapes. Is that the Canon 10-24

  3. Ryno, thanks man. This is indeed the Canon 16-24mm. The photo was shot at 500 ASA. 1/10 shutter. No way my Nikon D2H would produce this, although I’m guessing the D3 probably could.

  4. Awesome…I love the feel of this one.

  5. This is just so cool, I love it

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