Controlled, not contrived

I’m not wild about this photo, but I’m stuck in a major slump lately and I needed something to post here. I like to have moments in my photographs and this was certainly a unique one, but it comes off as contrived. It certainly wasn’t on my part, but it seems that way.

When the Park District of Oak Park conducted a control burn of some native vegetation at Linberg Park last week, Conservatory Technician Mark Omi jokingly brought along some Marshmallows to roast, much to the amusement of his colleagues. I shot this photo before he got embarrassed and put an end to the gag.

The park district burned the thatch at Linberg so it can grow back healthier this Spring. The control burn mimics natural evolution of native plants and the removal of invasive species. Not something you see very often in Oak Park.

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