Accidental paparazzi

I would make for a lousy member of the paparazzi. I wouldn’t recognize a star if he autographed my forehead. I don’t know the names of most musicians, couldn’t tell you who is on television and I rarely remember the names of actors in movies. I just don’t pay close attention to that sort of thing I guess.

My ignorance led me to the photograph above however. I was roaming the West Loop of Chicago looking for “stand-alone” photographs for a newspaper I work for when I spotted a film crew setting up at Emmit’s Irish Pub on Milwaukee Ave. I had no clue what they were filming but I knew it would work well for what I needed so I parked and walked over with my cameras.

I was immediately met by people asking who I was. I told them and politely explained that I wanted to make a photograph of them working to put in the paper. I guess you could call it luck, but one member of the crew remembered me from when I photographed another film crew I found working in Forest Park. (You can see my photos from that by clicking here.)

The crew member allowed me to stick around and before I knew it, I was having a discussion with a really nice fellow who was asking me about my cameras. We talked for a few minutes until the director yelled “Action!” That’s when I learned he was Michael Rapaport, one of the stars of the new CBS drama called “RTF” that was being filmed. Someone had to tell me his name, but I knew I recognized him. Still have no clue who the other guy is next to him here, but I also photographed a woman named Bridget Moynahan. I had to look her up on the Internet to figure that one out. Real pretty gal.

I didn’t want to be in the way of the production so I left after about 25 minutes. These workers on film crews are constantly pestered while they work and I didn’t want to be one of the people adding to that.

Anyway, I thought I would post a photograph here because I found Rapaport to be such a nice guy. I’m guessing he shoots photographs because he wanted to know about the gear I was shooting with. I’d be interested to see some of his photos.

One Response to “Accidental paparazzi”

  1. The other guy would be another pretty famous actor by the name of Sean Patrick Thomas. Probably most famous for the 2001 movie, Save The Last Dance.
    Pretty cool stuff!!

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