Midwest Easter

It’s Springtime in Chicagoland, which means the world’s most unpredictable weather. Seriously, it can be sunny and 80 one day and snowing the next. This Easter weekend was mostly beautiful with the exception of early morning and afternoon Saturday when, of course, I was outside shooting in the cold and rain during two separate Easter egg hunts.

I love the top image only because of the girl directly in the middle. I’m sure I had the same “why are we standing outside in the rain staring at a bunch of plastic eggs?” look on my face. It really was a nasty morning to be outside. And no Easter blog would be complete without a shot of a youngster terrified of the Easter Bunny. The EB really is a scary looking creature when you think about it. Happy Spring to all!

ON A SIDE NOTE: I guess it’s just me getting old(er) and grumpy, but I remember Easter egg hunts when the eggs were, ya know, hidden! My Grandma and Grandpa Draggoo always had the best one in their yard. They would hide eggs in the flowers, the mailbox and even at the bottom of the gutter downspouts. It was great fun and my grandma had treats for those of us who returned with our baskets full. Now they just dump 5,000 eggs in a open space and let the kids have at it. It’s more a test of who is most aggressive than it is a “hunt”. Searching and thinking are not required. Oh well. I guess it makes it more fair. Sigh.

2 Responses to “Midwest Easter”

  1. Great photos. I agree. Easter eggs should be hidden.

  2. So sweet that you remember those Easter Egg hunts at grandma and grandpas’s- they loved getting ready for you guys and tried to think of spots that would be a challenge for the older ones and easier places for the littler ones. We had the same kind of hunt when we were kids except we used real hard boiled eggs and sometimes some didn’t get found and by summer those eggs could get pretty rotten!

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