Diamond days

I’m a baseball guy. Growing up in Cincinnati, I think it was just a fact of life that you played baseball and that was just fine with me. It was my first true passion and if I could pick a career other than photojournalism, I’d want to be a baseball coach.

My love of the game has always made shooting baseball — whether professional, college, high school, Little League or even t-ball — a very enjoyable assignment for me. I shot the opening of the baseball season for Lincoln Park High School last Friday. The Lions play their games at Oz Park and wear what can only be described as “old school” uniforms complete with the traditional stirrups.

Most of the players I photograph now wear their pants down on their shoes, almost baggy in fashion, so it made me take notice of some Lincoln Park players. Sounds weird but I sort of fixated on their socks. I shot with a wide angle lens and mostly from the ground up as players and coaches looked at me like I had three eyes. Still I was happy with the way a few of my photos came out. I put a couple of them up on my Facebook page and let my pals there make the final edit. They went with this one. Baseball is a game you can illustrate in its true form without ever focusing on the field of play.

2 Responses to “Diamond days”

  1. Going to go shoot my first baseball game of the year in a few minutes. Love the sundown light and shadows on the Ridgeland fields.

  2. What a day for baseball! Beautiful out today.

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