Grin and bear it

Drop everything you’re doing, get in your car and drive to Brookfield Zoo. When you get there, walk directly to the zoo’s new exhibit called Great Bear Wilderness Trail. You can thank me later.

Like Ron Burgundy and his broadcast buddies in ‘Anchorman’, media folks like me from all around Chicago converged on the zoo to get a sneak peek of the bears in their new digs last week. I was actually excited to get the assignment because I had never been to Brookfield Zoo before. This exhibit is absolutely outstanding. It’s worth the price of admission by itself.

Patrons can go face-to-face (separated by 12-inch thick glass windows of course) with grizzly bears who are enormous and not the slightest bit shy. It is, to use the words of one youngster there, “way cool”.

7 Responses to “Grin and bear it”

  1. This is just the coolest picture!!! I may never get there, but sure am glad you gave me a peek. I am as enthralled as the child in the photo.

  2. Great photo! It looks like a pretty cool exhibit. We’ll have to take the little guy when he’s old enough to appreciate something like that.

  3. Great photo, she is soooooooooo cute. Wish I were in Chicago

  4. Awesome shot, Mr. Geil!

  5. I showed this to my 6-yr-old son Hayden tonight . Kept trying to read your copy, but he kept saying, “Go up, go up!” He must have stared at this picture for 5 minutes, which is an astounding attention span for a Kindergartener! Nice work, J. Geil.

  6. freaking awesome photo

  7. You should submit this shot to the Colbert show — he has an ongoing skit about bears. The look on the girl’s face is priceless.

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