Picture day

Friday was picture day at Beye Elementary in Oak Park. The school gathered its 300-plus students and about 50 faculty members to recreate a photograph shot in 1997. Local photographer David Kindler did the honors and local sign company, It’s a Sign, helped out with a bucket lift so Kindler could get an elevated vantage point.

I was simply there to document the moment … being documented. After Kindler shot several frames of the group, the students were given a break and a chance to make goofy faces at Kindler’s camera. I laughed as I was shooting this, then it cracked me up when I edited later that night.

ON A SIDE NOTE: The original photograph was shot in 1997 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the school changing its name to Beye Elementary.

One Response to “Picture day”

  1. That’s awesome. Kid’s love bringing the silly. When they know they’ll get to finish with that one, you get a lot fewer dopey looks in the “good” picture.

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