Wrong week to stop sniffing paint

With a tip of the cap to cinematic classic Airplane, it looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue. Or paint fumes as it turned out.

I shot 23 photo assignments the past five days. That’s enough to send any photojournalist into delirium. It’s a pace that doesn’t lend itself to good photographs — or a personal life — because you seldom have time to sink your teeth into much of anything. I spend most of my time racing around town chasing my tail and assignment details. Lincoln Park to Downtown to Bucktown to Oak Park to River Forest to Forest Park to Riverside to Brookfield to Austin and back to Oak Park.

When you shoot a lot, one side effect is you begin to see photographs everywhere you go. I stopped in Perfection Auto in Oak Park today simply because I noticed Raul Melcher spraying a fresh coat of paint on a car while I was stuck in traffic. Just a chance to inhale one more photo opportunity.

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