Almost famous

Brookfield’s “Battle of the Bands” brings local teenage music groups together for a day of competitive noise making on an otherwise perfectly serene Sunday afternoon. (Can you tell I’m 31, going on 80?) I’ll stop short of an official review because I’m no music critic, but let’s just say I wasn’t too pleased with myself when I realized I forgot the pair of ear plugs I typically carry with me for such assignments.

I stayed long enough to show the scene of unbridled teen spirit at Kiwanis Park. Long enough to listen to a group called the Amoebas bang on their drums and scream as loud as earthly possible into the microphone. “Come on people, let me HEAR YOUUUUUU!”

That’s Anthony Sacco, the lead screamer of the group getting up close with my camera lens. Kids these days. Spectators Marty Gross, 17, James Landahl, 15, Nick Bauba, 17, and Paul Landahl, 17, cheer on their pals in another frame. Finally I jumped at the chance to photograph one youngster getting his chest signed by bass guitarist Josh Landahl after the performance. I suppose when you’re just getting started in the business of rock and roll, any groupie will do.

I’m hoping the ringing in my ears subsides at some point this week.

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