Street beat

A few of you know I’ve been working on an ongoing personal project about streetball games. I can’t drive past one without pulling over and shooting a few photos. My only criteria so far is the action I photograph has to be played out on a street, alley, parking lot or any other outdoor surface. The less organized it is, the better.

I shot this photograph quickly last Saturday afternoon between official assignments. Spent about 20 minutes with this group and focused on the visual of heavy chucks of concrete they used to keep their movable hoop in place.

I’m intrigued by the imaginative lengths people go to create these arenas of the street. Games often unfold directly in the middle of a roadway and many of the players wear jeans and boots. I have to believe it would be a great subject for a mix of audio and still photography, showing what I can only describe as an intense, yet laid back, passion for basketball and competing.

One Response to “Street beat”

  1. Let’s get LeBron to fund this project (as soon as he re-signs with Cleveland)

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