Fly me to the moon

Yesterday was my first official non-vacation day off work since August, 2009. I had been working two full time jobs, overlapping tasks and cramming my schedule every day of the week relentlessly for nine months. It was mentally exhausting, but I am now back to a “five-day” work week, retaining only my job as staff photographer for the six newspapers and one magazine owned by Wednesday Journal Inc. I woke up Tuesday and watered my plants out back, not once worrying about the time for the first morning in nearly a year. It was dreamy.

I wish I could say I completely avoided photographing anything during my first taste of time off but unfortunately I actually broke out the cameras, albeit in a much more relaxed setting. There’s just something about shooting photos simply for the pure joy of the craft.

While relaxing in the grass before playing a softball game with some pals, I noticed this awesome cloud formation above me. Seconds later, I spotted a plane making its way across the sky. I ran to my car, grabbed a camera and snapped a few photos as it glided by. My softball teammates were a little curious, but I think it symbolized my day.

This is one big ol’ world we live in. No sense in getting so caught up in work that you forget to pause and actually enjoy it.

5 Responses to “Fly me to the moon”

  1. Wow! What a cool, surreal shot. It looks like it could be taken from a Maxfield Parish painting.

  2. Hey Jason –
    What an amazing pic – you have a talent I could only dream of! I didn’t realize you had a blog – I will add you to my list of “blogs I follow”. I hope you guys are doing well and I’m glad to hear you’re getting to slow down a little!

  3. Makes me want to lie in the grass and make chains of the white clover that is serving as grass in my yard right now. The photos are great, but don’t minimize the wordsmith in you. The two together create something beyond special.

  4. You guys are great. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  5. So…congrats are in order…for LOSING your job! Excellent. Well done.
    Just kidding. I know how hard you’ve worked. You deserve a day off every year or so.
    Awesome photo. Really.

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