Block party central

I think Oak Park might be the mecca of block parties. Every weekend during warmer months, at least a few blocks are closed for observance of one of these celebrations. The kids go bonkers for them and it must keep the people who sell those inflatable “moon bounce” thingys in business because each party has one. You can hear the shrieks of sheer joy from packs of youngsters bouncing like hot popcorn kernels as you drive around town. Occasionally the fire department sends a crew to open up a fire hydrant and let the kids cool off by running through the spraying water. Jeremiah Kennedy emerges here from a wall of water on Scoville Ave. as he and his neighbors celebrated their annual block party the other day. Ain’t summer grand?

One Response to “Block party central”

  1. The swirling water, ecstatic wet kid, the mom and baby in the haze – that’s a block party man.

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