Buzz off!

By jgeil

July 12, 2010

Category: Nature


I just returned from six amazing days in Cancun. We didn’t do a thing, unless you count floating in a pool, digging our feet in the sand and sipping down margaritas. If those do count, we were really busy all week!

It will take me a few days to gear up and get back into the swing of things. My mind might be back at work here in Chicago, but my heart is still floating in that warm, blue water in Mexico.

One of the things I missed while gone was working in the yard. I’ve been planting flowers around our home and noticed butterflies are loving them these days. They’re all over the place! I grabbed my camera and tried to get some shots of these beauties and as I did, a bee buzzed in to help me make a more interesting image.

This butterfly seems to suggest there’s no vacancy atop the flower it sits as the bee approaches during a mid-afternoon grudge match of tiny proportions. The two actually sparred for quite awhile before, impressively, the butterfly stood firm and the bee moved along.

2 Responses to “Buzz off!”

  1. Two amazing things here – this photo, of course. And the fact that you have butterflies in your garden. Lucky!

  2. Really cool! So you DO have some flowers left in your garden??

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