Don’t doctor a portrait

I’m not good at shooting portraits. Downright stink at it really, but when you work for newspapers and magazines it’s inevitable you’re going to have to shoot them.

I photographed cosmetic surgeon Dr. Leon Forrester Tcheupdjian, the self-proclaimed king of liposuction, and his daughter Leslie Forrester at their downtown offices on Rush St. this week. The father/daughter combo work together and live just a couple blocks from each other. The two are the subjects of a new reality television series on NBC this fall called “Plastic Royalty”.

Apparently the show will offer viewers a glimpse inside the world of medical cosmetics, and follow the two subjects as they hob nob with the rich and elite.

I only had a few minutes to spend with them, so I knew shooting a portrait was in the fold. I did have a chance to photograph one procedure, but it was difficult to get both in the same frame. I walked away knowing I had at least something. The photo on the left was shot using a wide angle and positioning Leon and Leslie near a huge window in the reception area of their office. The photo on the right was shot with a longer lens, at 200mm, using that same available light gushing in from a window.

2 Responses to “Don’t doctor a portrait”

  1. You may not consider portraits to be your greatest strength, but you’re still pretty darn good at ’em.

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