Trough diggers

Seven pounds of ice cream. In six minutes. That was the task at hand for seven sweet-tooth teams of three as they attempted to win free ice cream for a year from the Brown Cow Ice Cream Parlor in Forest Park today.

I can see no greater achievement in life, to be honest. Can you imagine the joy of telling your friends and family that dessert was on you for the next 365 days? That’s better than winning the Super Bowl!

After the ringing of a cow bell, teams started shoveling down the ice cream, which was served in troughs and topped with whipped cream, cherries and sprinkles as they chased the all-time record of five and half minutes. The winning team celebrated in such a way that it made for a decent photograph, which made me happy, but if I were a competitor I would have protested. They were the only team to have vegan ice cream, which if you ask me is a clear advantage. Not that I’m trying to start a food fight or anything.

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