By jgeil

August 16, 2010

Category: Random

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I use the local community swimming pools as a crutch during the summer months. Not to go swimming, but rather to get photographs when I can’t find anything else to shoot. It’s easy pickings usually.

After driving around the Riverside and Brookfield area for 30 minutes the other day, I gave in and made my way to the Riverside Swim Club thinking I could photograph people trying to stay cool on a 90 degree day. Not even close to being an original idea but it was all I had. Only problem was, someone pooped in the pool just before I arrived. EVERYBODY OUT OF THE POOL!!!! Crap. Literally.

I tried to make a funny image of youngsters waiting to get back in the water as lifeguards cleaned, but nothing really turned out. Then I noticed a swarm of kids crammed into a fountain area in the kiddie pool area. I guess the water there is completely separate from the main pool so it quickly became a popular place once the pooh was discovered. That’s where I found Harrison Baer, 10, who was living it up under the falling water. I shot several frames I liked but something about this one just says, ahhhh.

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