Where the shadow lurkes

I stopped at the offices of the newspapers I work for today. I’m something of an unknown there simply because when I’m working, I’m obviously not in the office. On more than one occasion, coworkers completely unfamiliar with me have asked, “Can I help you?” when I walk in the door. It’s sort of funny, but I really should do a better job of introducing myself.

I’ve always figured the more a photographer is in the office, the less they’re getting done. Today though, while chatting with a few colleagues in the office lobby, I noticed a photograph right there in front of me. A crew is remodeling the street entrance to the newspaper and Carlos Viac of Bontera Construction was sanding drywall behind a big, clear plastic sheet. I couldn’t help myself.

Chances of this making it into the newspaper? Slim to none, but I still like it.

One Response to “Where the shadow lurkes”

  1. very nice shot!!

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