Outside the lines

I could live for a century and not understand why sports editors and designers generally refuse to publish non sports action photographs. It’s almost like they’ve been conditioned to only accept a certain type of photo. Take football for example. Nine times out of ten the photo you see is of a quarterback or running back with ball in hand.

I like the moments away from the action. I shot the three photographs above at three separate high school football games within the last month. I’m not suggesting they’re award winners, but they all show one thing that a lot of “action” photos don’t. Emotion. Anticipation. Unity. More times than not, it’s a good idea to step away from conventional thinking. Shoot something other than what everyone else is staring at. Step outside the lines.

One Response to “Outside the lines”

  1. Nice shots, J. I’m with ya. I’d much rather see an interesting photograph that captures emotion or a human reaction than an action shot.

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