Running to daylight

Fall is the season for long distance runners. The cool temperatures make it an ideal time to lace ’em up and hit the streets. I photographed a couple races in the last week and it had me thinking about how I typically shoot them. Usually, I depend heavily on my longer lenses like a 70-200mm or 300mm. Using longer focal length lenses helps blur backgrounds, which at this time of year can be pretty colorful. That tends to make the subject(s) of your photo really pop.

I forced myself to shoot these races differently though, shooting mostly with my wide angle lens, a 16mm. It’s a different approach to shooting something I’ve shot too many times to count. Mixing it up is sometimes the most important thing a photographer can do.

3 Responses to “Running to daylight”

  1. Really cool photos, J. That wide lens makes things look more dramatic.

  2. I got one race shot I really like at Concordia on Sunday:

  3. Thanks, Ryan. I’ve enjoyed the full frame camera and 16mm. David, Oshkosh b’gosh. That’s a nice shot!

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