Seasonal disorder

Life’s too precious to be grumpy for long, but I tend to get that way at moments around this time of year. Working for six newspapers that cover six different towns, I am subjected to six times the holiday cheer most everyone else is. It can be a bit much. Santa Claus is in my dreams, and not like the good dreams when we were kids. He haunts me now.

I’ve taken to wearing ear buds and listening to music on my phone just to drown out the screaming kids and repetitive Christmas music that seems to be blaring from every speaker in the city.

One of my Friday night assignments was to photograph the lights at Lincoln Park Zoo. I know, I know, it’s pretty. I get it. You know what else it is? Freezing cold and dark. Temperatures were in the low teens when I shot these photographs. I bundle up to an extreme but my little fingertips were still frozen by the time I left. (Yes, mom, I have gloves but I use ones with exposed fingertips to make it possible to operate my cameras.)

It’s always tough to make a decent image at these “festivals of light” too. Everyone is wrapped up in big coats and hats so emotion isn’t easily found. If you’re like me, you find yourself sort of going through the motions, transfixed like everyone else but for an entirely different reason.

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