Tip drill

The first play of a basketball game is the easiest to photograph in any sport. It’s the tip. You know where it’s going to happen and you know what is going to happen. Oddly enough the tip often creates the best photograph of an entire game of shooting for me. Not sure what that says of me as a shooter, but it’s true.

I shot this photograph at Lyons Township High School the other night as they played York. I had to chuckle when I thought about leaving the game less than 30 seconds after it started. Alas, I stayed for the duration and still liked this shot best.

2 Responses to “Tip drill”

  1. That is sweet. The light is nice, the referees face and stance are awesome and the ball is at it’s apex. Face on the Lyons guy is also great. How well lit was this gym? Do you lock focus anywhere in particular. or just let the 5D figure it out?

  2. Hey DTK! The light at Lyons Township High School is pretty typical of most high school gyms. It’s an older gym so the light is a little “yellow” but it’s workable.

    I actually shot this with a Mark IV and I usually lock my focus on the player’s face that is facing me. Since I know they’re going to jump pretty much straight up, I know the focus won’t change. It is a simple shot to make. Funny thing is, this is the one and only photo that ran in the paper so I really could have split after 30 seconds of work.

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