Tons o’ turnovers

I had to photograph a game of the Proviso West Holiday Basketball Tournament in Hillside last night. Fenwick played Morgan Park, who has a player named Wayne Blackshear, who has committed to studying and playing basketball at the University of Louisville next year. In other words, he’s good.

Blackshear also dunks a lot, which I photographed, but for some reason I’ve only shot basketball games while shooting in “landscape” (horizontal) mode the last few years. That makes it easier to shoot the action at and around midcourt and the three point lines, not at the hoop. I can’t tell you the last time I made a basketball photo I liked where the hoop was predominately in the frame. Last night’s game was full of turnovers so a great deal of the action happened at the range I was looking at.

Anyway, all of this is an attempt to explain that while Blackshear was the star of the game (he scored 40 points and had 11 rebounds), my favorite photograph actually is the one above of Fenwick’s Luke Lattner lunging to break up this steal by Morgan Park guard Markee Williams. That’s the way it goes. The best photograph, no matter who is in it, should always win the edit.

Proviso West’s gym has some of the worst light I’ve ever seen so I was relatively happy to have a decent image.

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