Everybody in the pool!

I’m not complaining since my days are usually pretty busy, but I had a slow day today. Two assignments. One involved shooting a photograph of a sign. The other was to document a swimming pool reopening at Oak Park River Forest High School.

The school has always had a pool. Actually, it has two of them, but a construction snafu during some work to update the facilities kept them closed for quite some time. Students and swim teams haven’t been able to use the pools for more than a year now. They finally opened again this week and of course the local media decided to cover it like the Beatles were playing a concert there.

Three photographers/reporters were at the pool while I was there. The Tribune, Patch.com and me. No telling where The New York Times and The Washington Post were.

I got there before anyone (that sign assignment didn’t really keep me long) and the coach opened the balcony so I could get an elevated view of the entire pool. I had noticed a reflection from the windows in the calm water and thought maybe I could make an interesting image before swimmers starting make waves. I shot this as the men’s team stood poolside for a quick meeting before they jumped in and practice started.

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