Snagged before the hunt

Easter egg hunts are like sacred cows to newspapers. Cute kids, bright colors, weather-related weekend events. Editors love that sort of stuff. It’s simple, doesn’t require much thought — or a reporter for that matter — and will appease the masses.

I shot four egg hunts during the last few days. Much like Santa in December, I have long accepted that covering this annual tradition is just a fact of life. Good news is, I’ve found a way to entertain myself while documenting them too. I like watching the youngsters who break free from their parents’ grip to get a head start. Happens several times at every egg hunt I go to.

Frantic moms and dads give chase, but excited kids usually have a full head of steam and their tiny legs make quick work as their cautious parents tiptoe behind, afraid of stomping any of the plastic eggs in their path. The chess match that ensues is usually worth the price of admission.

Eventually, junior gets snagged and it’s back to the sidelines they go. I think I’ve photographed this from every angle other than from the blimp. Always makes me laugh.

This one is from the annual hunt at Chicago Women’s Park, which boasts 6,000 eggs for the little ones to collect. I’ve covered it three consecutive years now and just about every egg is accounted for in less than five minutes.

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